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Galathea 3 in English


Films, videos, satellite and ship data are available in English.

The three Galathea 3 documentary films 'Around the globe with Galathea 3' are available with English subtitles. The films were shown in Danish TV2 in July 2010. In Danish the films are called 'Jorden rundt med Galathea 3.' The three parts (dele) are 1 (24:50), 2 (24:45) and 3 (24:20) minutes long. They were seen by around half a million people on tv.

The films cover the nine months of the Expedition from August 2006 to April 2007. In the first part the Expedition meets icebergs near Greenland and tropical sun at the Equator. The scientists try to catch sea turtles but this is not easy. Part two shows stormy weather between Cape Town in South Africa to Australia. During this part sea snakes are caught and penguins are visited on remote islands, the Antipode Islands. Part three covers the Antarctica visit, the Chile and Galapogos Island. Crown Prince Frederiks goes on-board at Galapagos. The expedition passes the Panama channel and visits the Danish-West Indies Islands before returning to Denmark.

The video 'Galathea 3 in English' (10:43) was made for the Galathea visit in Chile and includes the minister of education Mr. Bertel Haarder, scientists, students and crew.

The video 'Galathea's Eye' (15:40) presents the use of satellite images for Galathea. The images were collected in the project 'Satellite Eye for Galathea 3' and are available for research and education.

To see the three films and videos: Click 'Videoer' and go alphabetically.

Satellite data are accessible at DTU Space:

Ship data of weather and sea are accessible at DTU Space through Google Earth
Select 'Route with data' and click on the black/white squares in the Google Earth map. Then the information appears. The ship data can be downloaded as Excel or ascii.